B.Tech Mechanical Engineering


This division of engineering is distincted as the one that comprises the generation and submission of heat and mechanical power and the pattern, production, and consumption of machines and tools. This area of Engineering focuses on the very basics of science and dwells into subjects involving Thermal Engineering, Manufacturing expertise and Machine Pattern. Laboratory spearheaded knowledge is crucial to this area and therefore utmost care has been taken to hold into spot impeccable tools and amenities.

Why Mechanical Engineering is different in MCET?

Mechanical engineers plan and implement products that diffuse energy, such as car engines and nuclear reactors. They also plan and develop machines that consume energy involving air conditioners, power saws and elevators. Mechanical engineers functions on numerous kinds of tools and machines spanning from minute methods for sensitive equipments to massive gears for bulldozers. The phase of mechanical engineering is very vast, and a few of the distinct job titles engulfs air pollution control engineer, environmental systems engineer and manufacturing engineer.


Product Designing & Development – 45 Seats

Oil & Gas – 45 Seats


Impeccable Teaching Tactics

The coaching technique engulfs Audio-graphical demonstrations, Case studies, and speech from numerous expertise’s dwelling tons of knowledge in one to prosper ahead.

Spotlight is given on sprouting the communication skills, and aptitude skills of the students paving a way for placements.

Introduction of 3D teaching technique has been incorporated to enhance the students ability.


Students are provided with complete freedom to implement their ideas and enhance their ideas and skills by letting them use the laboratory to their individual needs. Dedicated staff members are ever ready to provide each one of them with ample support so that none is left to trail behind the other. The Laboratory is studded with the most modernized innovative features so that the students are able to keep pace with latest trends. The tutorial lends individual contact within a group of students and a tutor. The standards abided by MCET had helped the students of Mechanical Engineering to secure high marks and has encrypted the zeal to strive hard to attain more heights.


  • Eminent professors who have excelled from IIT Madras, Anna University Chennai deliver Guest lectures for students
  • The CAD lab comprising the department is equipped with the most modernized software.
  • The Thermal & Manufacturing technical laboratories are equipped with most modernized machines..
  • To keep pace with the latest innovations the students are exposed to technical and practical knowledge through industrial visits & in plant training.
  • The department has a distinct R & D Cell  which establishes a new platform for the staff and students to acquire latest knowledge in creating new projects with an innovative approach.
  • Staffs are associates of expertise bodies like MISTE.
  • Numerous students won great heights in a choice of events including sports.
  • Numerous students have authorized up for membership organizations in SAE.



*Specialisation is provided by college / Competent authority

  •  Library
  •  Hostel
  •  Canteen
  •  Sports
  •  Transportation


Taking into account the fact that one s intellectual development solely is the decisive sublimity of acquaintance MCET College Library devotes a breathing space for spiritual education The library presents ample variety of campus and teaching assets that can aid our students and faculty attain a high altitude of achievement on campus Digital Library facility is also available Library is...


MCET acts as home to plenty of students across the globe A reasonable number of students accounts from different countries We provide apt service for your comfortable and safe stay Our hostel efforts to built a second home for its students Special care and attention is rendered to make sure that all your needs are met precisely The rooms are...

College Canteen

Having tended thousand cravings MCET College Canteen guarantees the healthiest and the tastiest editions of vegetarian sustenance From sizzling hot coffee to a mouth-watering veg biryani MCET has it all Idli-vadas Dosas Parathas Puris Bondas Manchurians Fried rice noodles for a starving belly samosas puffs and confectionery for a chewing mouth ice-creams and cool drinks to chill you and after...


Objective Sports Day amp numerous competitions are held each curriculum College Teams had indulged in several inter collegiate and university stage games and contests and had attained noticeable victories Sports performs an integral role in inscribing the importance of obedience self-motivation answerability accountability sacrifice and devotion inside the student These impeccable qualities may not be accessed so easily during the...


Objective In a mode vehicles are the trademark carriage of MCET and they ease daily commuting issues of the students The Expert and experienced staffs manage transport system promptly MCET vehicles touch every nook and corner of the district There are more than buses doing services up and down Almost of the students Utilize institution s transport facilities which help...