B.Tech Civil Engineering


Mold students with a concrete foundation in Mathematics, Sciences, and Technical Skills necessary to understand and design civil infrastructure systems.


What’s Makes The Department Special?

  • Creativee and inventive style of teaching.
  • Precise know-how of most modernized technology.
  • Devoted, ethical, competent and technologically sound team.
  • Delivering world class quality education is mandate.

The faculties of the Department  deliver the solutions in their own unique manner which helps the students to meet the requisites in this constantly changing and challenging world in the most optimized manner. They make the students apt to cope with arising situations and boldly pave their ways through on their own which will make them fearless and promote self belief in one to achieve more. The team comprises of staffs who are extremely dedicated in imparting the knowledge to the students to carry out the analysis of problems and solutions, planning, coordination, direction and other activities.


Architectural Designing – 30 Seats

Construction Management – 30 Seats



Civil engineering is the widest, the oldest and the most sought after in engineering sciences. Civil engineering is known to be  the profession in which a knowledge of the mathematical and physical sciences acquired through studies, proficiency and practice is applied with judgment to produce ways to utilize economically the products and vigor of the nature for the liberal well being of man.

Civil engineers construct the global infrastructure. When accomplished, they slowly mold the history of nations within the world. Most of the people cannot consider life without many attributions of civil engineers to the public’s health and  standard of living. Solely by exploring the civil engineering’s hands in constructing the world we see today, we can uniquely have an insight of the growth of our tomorrows.

*Specialisation is provided by college / Competent authority

  •  Library
  •  Hostel
  •  Canteen
  •  Sports
  •  Transportation


Taking into account the fact that one s intellectual development solely is the decisive sublimity of acquaintance MCET College Library devotes a breathing space for spiritual education The library presents ample variety of campus and teaching assets that can aid our students and faculty attain a high altitude of achievement on campus Digital Library facility is also available Library is...


MCET acts as home to plenty of students across the globe A reasonable number of students accounts from different countries We provide apt service for your comfortable and safe stay Our hostel efforts to built a second home for its students Special care and attention is rendered to make sure that all your needs are met precisely The rooms are...

College Canteen

Having tended thousand cravings MCET College Canteen guarantees the healthiest and the tastiest editions of vegetarian sustenance From sizzling hot coffee to a mouth-watering veg biryani MCET has it all Idli-vadas Dosas Parathas Puris Bondas Manchurians Fried rice noodles for a starving belly samosas puffs and confectionery for a chewing mouth ice-creams and cool drinks to chill you and after...


Objective Sports Day amp numerous competitions are held each curriculum College Teams had indulged in several inter collegiate and university stage games and contests and had attained noticeable victories Sports performs an integral role in inscribing the importance of obedience self-motivation answerability accountability sacrifice and devotion inside the student These impeccable qualities may not be accessed so easily during the...


Objective In a mode vehicles are the trademark carriage of MCET and they ease daily commuting issues of the students The Expert and experienced staffs manage transport system promptly MCET vehicles touch every nook and corner of the district There are more than buses doing services up and down Almost of the students Utilize institution s transport facilities which help...